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Pure Syntactic Foam Deep water buoyancy material

Premium grade for ROV/AUV buoyancy and manned and unmanned submersibles, requiring high compressive and hydrostatic strengths.


  •  High Performance regarding mechanical properties and density 
  • Lowest Density buoyancy material
  • HP1000 can be easily machined and drilled
  • Epoxy bonding allows building of finished buoyancy modules
  • Reliable adhesion with sprayed PUR coating and both epoxy PUR painting
  • Very low water absorption
Maximum depth
1,000 msw
380 kg/m3
Hydrostatic crush
260 bar
Safety factor


Maximum depth
1,000 msw

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Alexia Ballatore
+33 (0)4 94 87 07 77

Company highlights
  • Our own formulations, in-house manufacturing
  • Quality production control
Sales highlights
  • Large stock of off-the-shelf blocks
Product highlights
  • Very Low Density buoyancy material
  • Easily machinable and drillable
  • Epoxy bonding allows building of finished buoyancy modules
  • Reliable adhesion with sprayed PUR coating and both epoxy PUR painting
  • Low water absorption

The syntactic foam is typically cast into blocks and then used to prepare large buoyancy modules that can be readily shaped to conform to the buoyancy final design.

BMTI® has over 20 years of experience in syntactic foam production and particularly in the manufacturing of pure syntactic foam blocks.

Each parameter of standard syntactic foam block manufacturing (from raw material to finished product) is monitored, including traceability, throughout the manufacturing process. These checks are also recorded.

BMTI® includes a pressure test control on all products, where the pressure is monitored for 24 hours on a segment of each standard block.

The prices of our blocks are EX WORKS prices.

We can quote for you transport prices (standard or premium) for anywhere in the world, please send us a request.

We have a large stock of off-the-shelf standard buoyancy blocks, ready for immediate delivery.

In the case of custom-made orders, we will do our best to deliver within your time frame, taking into account your specific requirements.

We can calculate the number of blocks needed according to your design and upthrust objective, as to optimize the sketch and also offer the assembly of the sketch from standard blocks, according to your 3D drawings.

Need a bespoke buoyancy product?

Specific design for ROV-AUV

Send us your drawings and
we will provide a quote.

Other syntactic foam blocks for 1,000 msw depth

Very low density grade

max. depth rating
1,000 msw
390 kg/m3

Standard grade

max. depth rating
1,100 msw
445 kg/m3

High Performance Grade

max. depth rating
2,000 msw
395 kg/m3

Very low density grade

max. depth rating
2,000 msw
400 kg/m3

Low density grade

max. depth rating
2,000 msw
420 kg/m3